Beverage Options
Host Select Bar
You bring the beverages you prefer. We provide setups,
glassware, and the bartender. $8 per person plus $125 bartender

Open Beer & Wine
We provide unlimited bottled domestic beer and wine for 4
hours. You may bring in liquor and we will pour it and provide
setups at no additional charge. $14.50 per person plus $125 per

Open Bar
Unlimited drinks for all guests using domestic bottled beer, wine,
and well liquors. $18.50 per person plus $125 per bartender. An
additional $4 per person for champagne and $8 per person for
premium liquors.

Cash Bar
Each drink is paid for individually by your guests. $125
bartender fee.

Host Bar
Each drink is recorded and presented to the host as a tab at the
end of the event or may be paid for prior to the event plus a $125
bartender fee.
In accordance with
Tennessee liquor laws,
no one under the age of
21 will be served
alcoholic beverages.
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